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tsk. nm. i don't. i know. all the while cantonese line at swansea much this time casting coup by ashley into camp. isn't it funny we are cursed and has defended russia's intervention in ukraine russian forces are facing off against ukrainian troops in the crimean peninsula. putin said no military action is needed for now bye. he says russians will protect their own. an hq of cheesecake stamina for points the twenty fifth of
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those only be low key the pup list. richie's ramsey eyes are upon the president of the story and cody to be his last press conference in moscow. tease apart the crisis began in ukraine. he says his men shown want to go to law review praying about the eighties that was the right to use all means to protect people living in ukraine. on the ground in crimea the atmosphere remains pass up the meat they danced in the back nine th send troops to our esteemed pressing their ukrainian kong prior to that end i was of the city. as time goes to praise band aid and bays in the southern region. because of pride by russell cross these days ago. on tuesday about to walk on the ukrainian style is juz came back to d land access the side. in the end there at about ten ukrainians he sat
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us down a wrong call from a show. well sort of wistful present regime has on those trips to and the military exercise on friday ukraine and mother. many clubs korea are easy to it's intended to ease the pressure on to be careful of the action. usa did any of the stands john kerry. i've been here for the stress and squeezed out by end of recess. cade has won the rita see moscow did not take me thirty action against the grain. or at its base isolation. present twenties has an ease tensions with the power of both sides he also says the series is she ready to host says he has stymied in solitude. this time hearing tiny arab peoples lives go on as momo half frozen meat there is happiness. most understand the lord is watching the fifth of the pain sure and that's their eighties
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who are dangerous th on that to change at any moment. use sticks coming out and into ours. see tailbone nine year us president barack obama has dismissed a white pigeon have to say he says the facts tell a different story. there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. no present boom seems to have a different saddle lawyers megan diverse set of interpretations but of. i don't think that's going anywhere. obama said russia's neighbors has deep concerns about what he called this kind of meddling. he said what's happening will push some countries further away from russia. saturday is a john cain told ukraine's interim leaders that the us would guarantee one billion dollars in loans. the crisis has unsettled their economy and with that more financial help the country faces and
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defiled. ambassadors from nato nations i weighed in with and criticisms will hold emergency times with russian officials later on wednesday ambassadors met for the second time this week they said now will come from russian families about what's happening in crimea. despite its repeated callers by the international community russia continues to violate ukraine's sovereignty and said torn integrity the masses have said political dialogue is the only way to alleviate the tensions. the event site threatening to disrupt the winter paralympics in sochi. the game so special to begin on friday night members of the ukraine's the paralympic committee say if the russians don't and their intervention. the ready to stage of boycotts committee members many tea and then posted the announcement on their website they agreed on a boycott if the russians don't
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back down by friday. many of the ukrainian athletes and russian relatives and friends sang committee members called on russian leaders to resolve the crisis peacefully the international paralympic committee says no country or territory has ever boycotted the winter or summer paralympics. the single again my kids supper for me and it's these developments. i think she enjoyed this now from ibiza says good morning i somehow our investors reacting to what's happening in ukraine which afternoon i remember on monday when investors sat down at their desks and the worst that can we solve global selloff up but since sentiment has shifted in the streets seem somewhat relieved by law to near peak and comments that there is no need for military action. for now. stock prices in europe and the us rebounded tuesday the dow jones industrial average gained one point four percent to end at sixteen thousand three hundred and ninety five the snp five hundred index posted another record high home on markets here in japan
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was pretty lenient that i can stock exchange. elaine how are things looking here at the start of today's trading session. morning i sent her and seems pretty positive this morning even on a stick at the opening lap both holmgren has a much needed he's got one forty six percent at fourteen thousand nine hundred and sixty eight points approaching the key fifty thousand ammo and a broader topics is high here by one point four eight percent. so investors are continuing to buy shares after a solid performance in the european and u s markets and that in turn prompted some investors to pull back from soap even assets such as cold as you can see price of gold futures retreated from the highest level in five months. that was hit on monday and my prayers are also buying the dollar and teens the yen. the league and is now at one hundred and two
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point two two two two five compared to the goal of one hundred and one apple and around the same time on tuesday. we may see trade as a couple more cautious stance as the only informed trading cues from the fact of results comment on the us economy cooled known as the beach pool and that will be the east of the day today and the euro is also gaining contains the yen and euro yen is now at one hundred and forty point four six two five won from them each one and thing two nine apple during tokyo trading hours on tuesday and the next focus what a comic scene where the upcoming european central bank meeting on thursday i will see if the ecb will continue to keep his team is history unchanged at zero point two five percent and carrying a share of the trial is not meant to me today at the national people's congress. i don't see it
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officials at the meeting will provide an economic goals. i get for your country and our continued to attract up to these developments and see how the fleet and to tell my cat's eye. ideally didn't allow for that update relief from the chicken stock exchange. us president barack obama submitted a draft a budget to congress for next fiscal year that starts in october. this proposal focuses more on supporting the middle class then reducing the budget deficit through higher taxes for the bench. he's apparently during the midterm congressional elections in november. obama is calling for more works projects such as repairing roads and railways. he also aims to boost employment by introducing more vocational training. his proposals include tax cuts for lower income people and better pre school education. spending is set to slightly exceed three point nine trillion dollars while revenue is expected to increase to more than three point three trillion dollars as an economic recovery boost tax income. obama says
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the budget deficit will decline to five hundred sixty four billion dollars the lowest level in his presidency. we go to the side of the road you squeeze the middle class or for going to continue to reduce the deficit is responsible for all taking steps to grow and strengthen the middle class. republican house speaker john bain are strongly criticized the draft he said it was the most irresponsible. he said it would only increase spending and borrowing expanded governments and hurt the economy. a ban on exports of raw materials has pushed indonesia's trade balance into the red for the first time in three months indonesian officials say the trade deficit in january came to about four hundred thirty million dollars exports of about fourteen point four billion dollars compared with imports of fourteen point nine billion dollars. the country has long
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earn foreign currency by exploiting natural resources and mining law they came into effect in january slowed overseas shipments beloved and exports of nickel copper and other minerals that have not been processed. the idea is to encourage indonesian companies to do that themselves. indonesian trade minister mohammad lefty suggests the band will stay he says the government wants domestic companies to export processed products the silliness and business ali me with another tack on the markets. it is. the kids
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from across china are gathering in the capital beijing for the national people's congress. daniel session is for officers of state in charge of legislative issues for the year. he opens on wednesday. in general included a new post content also the country's chronic pollution and widening wealth gap. she seemed thing and a creamy lee kershaw will be joining for the first time since taking office the nearly one ounce government plans and ty gets in his keynote speech on the first day. china is likely to set a goal tied it at around seven point five percent for two thousand fourteen the same level as last year. the leaders are expected to prioritize the quality of both the law also bringing their resolve to crack down on corrupt officials. on territorial claims and maritime interests they're likely to maintain the new concession stands the defense budget. the key question is whether the annual double digit expansion will be maintained
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security at the venue is tighter than usual after a recent mass stabbing attack in southwest china the conversational and thursday next week and i. is the prime minister then jen in a tiny hair is standing his ground over a peace deal with the palestinians. us officials want the two sides to reach an agreement by the end of april. us president obama met with nate and andrew at the white house and warned that time is running out. obama or state any added to make some concessions. but in the desert in. the these negotiations with the level of seriousness and commitment what's your readership. this goes beyond doing its part to say that the palestinians the celtics made it to seek a compromise in negotiations
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with palestinian president mahmoud abbas of us will visit washington later this month. officials with the international chemical arms once don say more than one third of the serious chemical agents who have left the country by the weekend the mobile process started in january. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. as in the sixth batch of chemical agents will be shipped later this week. the original plan called for the shipment. and by early february but the governments the syrian government missed the deadline. leaders in damascus say they can finish permitting all the agents by the end of april. obc down the officials are urging them to scrap all the chemical weapons by the end of june this saudi arabian government called for a retrial of all foreign fighters from syria saudi citizens who refuse to re trial will be punished last month that saudi king andy lau made it a crime was saudi nationals to fight alongside
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the syrian rebels began that appears on the militants in syria could turn their weapons on the kingdom nothing much in the face for the government which previously supplied weapons and support for sunni rebels saudi arabia's mind will demand has been backing the government of sitting president the shah nawaz said the saudi government is showing increasing considered by the rise of al qaeda linked muslim extremists in syria. their ranks have been going with the addition of foreign combatants. i eye the main japanese engineers has test the system that's intended to reduce the swaying of the skyscrapers during powerful earthquakes. it consists of the massive potential of that will counteract any movement in a building caused by a play on many buildings in tokyo and was sent a ship slowly and widely during the two
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thousand and eleven earthquake. even though the epicenter was hundreds of kilometers away. this latest of gladiators and damaged walls and ceilings. engineers had to study ways to re enforce high rise buildings against this long carried ground motion. they tested the news this and that's being installed on them with other research facility near tokyo. the three hundred tonne pendulum lives in the opposite direction of a break to reduce this way engineers me and the pendulum four meters twice the force of the two thousand and eleven fleet and compare the system works properly. they plan to install six units on the rooftop of a two hundred and ten meter high building in tokyo. they say it'll cut the width of slain in half to the nozzle to a a the merits of this system is that we can install it on a rooftop without affecting the inside of the building with a half to tumble in just about ten months. there are about two thousand five
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hundred buildings taller than sixty meters around japan only a small number that have been reinforced against long period of ground motion the developer is a given people a clearer picture of the world in a three hundred and sixty degrees and refining technology for panoramic photography the resulting people feel like this font where the photo was taken. on monday or is it good look at this rental apartments realty agents often post three hundred sixty degree images like this. this camera has to land suits. with just one click. it's easy to take three hundred and sixty degrees or so. the nice if my kids are a natural place to
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use this kind of immersive technology. only two tracks court to consider. three g she could ill has been taking pictures of the area for more than fifteen years. he recently took up three hundred fifty fifth fleet is now a team coming together six cameras to photograph the streets. the leaf in charge of relations for the assets of business association. she is developing the first to work or to publicize the shopping districts so that people from outside the area will discover them. the campaign is called the effects of iran the project. no plans to host the images on their websites
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billy and his team also used the new recording technology to make theo's of local performance that on my feelers to use which aspect of the inmates they want to focus on this helps them feel they are actually at the feeder. i hope that people can explore and talk to online first. the first and then actually visit the district i didn't take a stroll along the same street payment online. three hundred sixty dpp years are expected to be a feature of the tokyo olympics in twenty twenty any list of vices like this had been on display. combine hundred and eighty s with
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three d view to parody. by turning their heads the worst she's which direction to look at. this makes them feel they are really in the area dairy teasing acts. we will the developers hope that people watching the landing will feel as though they actually own them. he can as developers and technicians in this field. we would like to truly advanced these technologies for the twenty twenty tokyo olympics the chill in the new technology are revolutionizing our healing experience it. instead of bringing scenes and advanced to view the new technology brings you to get. this is
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just coming into my chinese leaders have a growth rate that is c and the ugly there is a house where they set a target for this year of around seven point five percent about the same level as last year. chinese premier league or county is expected to announce the details to delegates to the national people's congress now once again. china has said that i get for this year of around seven point five percent about the same level as last year. chinese premier leakage and who is expected to announce the details. today lee gets to the national people's congress and use mine will be covering the annual session. it opens later today. what kind of think tank under the weather with new knowledge aside to morte commuters in tokyo dealing with stormy weather conditions the second tells us the latest. this morning capturing it's going to be a stormy day forum on stilts japan. really it's sandwiched by a couple of the low
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pressure systems one here to the north this thing is the mountains snow and heavy cold a priest bishop with a closely areas and one to the south in spring and ample moisture for the southern half of the country. a lot of rain and the risks of the thunderstorms gusty winds and hail and even tornadoes for the pacific coast. now the only shoes so the prefecture is experiencing the worst of it the area was sent to the east is becoming to the next several hours so the torquay area would see javier brain and stronger is probably from the four to six pm said that could affect your evening commute. that took the light snow showers on the mountains and they have this month with a coastal areas. the systems can be conned. whoever uses standpoint of the cooler weather will be coming in from tomorrow that will cost and blowing snow tomorrow so it's going to be quite stormy into more across the northern areas but like most things weekly income for the second half the country including tokyo. a little dry and this
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moment for a monster that i never really developed in the southern areas in the next twenty four hours ten sisters and still kill ear than average in hong kong at seventeen degrees eleven inch anti dropping to the single digits and still after days of the one whether turkey at ten degrees sunny weather will come back but it's going to be a single visit on thursday. now across the america as coal there is still in place for the eastern part of the us and in between these high pressure system that sustains that there's a band of the snow from the midwest in us into the new england states probably up to ten centimeters likely in the southern area because there's meeting with former era creaking theory is kind of precipitation when talking about freezing rain and sleet family cnn here. i got yours yet. and this is them. i will likely stick to the north east the next twenty four hours after twenty five centimeters of snow is likely for the central plains stayed here precipitation for the north west through the moisture from hull line
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will continue to fly in for the next several days bringing heavy rain before the close the areas such as portland seattle and vancouver and had the mountains snow fall and temperatures are going to be quiet wants to walk to the flooding because the critics only snow melting temperatures in seattle at thirteen degrees. meanwhile there is chilly in the north once again said his era figures in chicago. it'll stay that way in ten next couple of days in chicago but across the southern plains and pictures one not to mourn at this level is on friday and saturday. now finally overt war is a europe than all we have clear seen a couple of the different pictures once the north is quite dry weather but here are quite messy but have a couple of suspense was stuck about this one it's free not very heavy rain and thunderstorms pass the reins for italy into turkey. no conditions once they bow wave theory on the uk and across the west and there's a possibility of a heavy precipitation and higher
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rates. the conditions will be munching on improve conditions for increased compared to what we saw yesterday over southern parts of the fronts and the northern areas of the year in paris lock and temperatures of remaining in the example of this is in many places his extended forecast. the ruling. and. i
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know. thx. this one my story to share with you before we tell people in northeastern japan will spend the next week looking at how far they've come in three years since the march eleven the earthquake and tsunami disaster prompted one producer of traditional soy products to the new and unusual way of bringing his business back to life. he
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sought to cast including soy sauce. you see me some peace for over two hundred years tsunami completely destroyed this country and it's going to say. she'll corner the key to cope with the family desist immediately after the disaster. set on keeping it going. e who was not the cause of pollution. we know many people lost their homes and their families from their friends. he went off without. if they'd lost their charms. they would've had to leave their own. he soon will notice there are no toads the home will be just a shovel. not a place for people to live the cool unusual step of turning to
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crime. to help rebuild the business. soo on mine produced four thousand people keep their support. in twenty twelve. the company built a new factory in the nearby city of each use. at the end of last year. so i began shipping in utah. a silly song seemed to go and steal with soy sauce. okok. you'll know which we're still here because we don't support from people all over the world that he sighed deeply appreciate. the school steam. no corner is hoping his hometown get back on its beach. by providing support to people starting a business around. i love loves going to lean down to the anniversary of his hands and mind having
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around. i love loves going to lean down to the anniversary of his hands and mind having compassion and sent him back
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